Are you tired of this real estate madness of trying to buy a house only to have it sold before you can see it or worse a bidding war where you end up with buyers remorse because you got caught up in the excitement and went 50k OVER asking price.  All over the Middle Tennessee area are new construction houses that are being built that are not yet listed.  This is where I am going to be a big help to you and hopefully lessen the stress house buying causes.  I will use my experience and real esate knowledge to find these homes that fit your criteria and get you the home you are looking for without bidding wars and houses selling while you are standing in the living room.  Because for sellers this market is phenomenal if your havent sold your house in 2 days or less it is shocking.  However, buyers are finding the stress and frustration not worth the hassle.  The hassle is my job.  And buyers with cash money, I see you, and you are looking good to sellers.